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Why having a closed acoustic chamber?

Some manufacturer suggests less expensive system where you install acoustic sensor to an existing target frame. Sound signal is not then isolated from wind or noise pollution. It is called an “open system”.

It has the following obvious weaknesses compared with our “closed system”:

- The targets have to be calibrated before it is possible to start shooting and this cause a lot of lost time and discouragement from shooters and organization.
- No good accuracy, even when optimal conditions (no wind), see their own data sheets.
- When the wind is blowing, the accuracy is a joke because the sound waves are “blowing away”.
  Producers of open systems normally say nothing about the accuracy under such conditions!
- Subsonic ammunition will not be detected.
- The targets cannot be mounted close to each other because the open sensors will detect the shots/hits in all the nearest targets,
  unless they build up big and expensive “sound walls” between the targets.

The conclusion is that an open system is not the right solution for sport shooting and accurate detection.

Why pay for all weather monitor?

We have designed our “all-year/all-weather” monitor in order to meet the practical challenges at an open firing line/shooting range. First of all with an extremely bright display which is easy readable in sunshine and of course waterproof. The first UK long range shooting clubs wanted to save money and purchased our monitor for over roofed firing lines. This monitor`s specs is quite similar to a standard PC/computer. After a couple of years they were so unsatisfied that they changed to our weather proof monitor NMM2. They didn`t save money! A ruggedized PC/computer is also very expensive.

Upfront cost is high but return on investment is really high on these monitor because it is made to go for approximately 10 years in rough condition.

Why buy Kongsberg instead of competitor system?

You would have to ask yourself if you want to buy a target system from a company that has sold over 10,000 targets all over the world for all disciplines and has been operating, supporting and improving for nearly 20 years or a small 2 man operation that has sold 4 targets in rural Australia! There is very few company that can answer need for all kind of discipline. This brings us to the life expectancy. A target system could potentially become useless overnight if the manufacturer decides to close up shop.

What about return on investment?

The only negative for electronic targets are the relatively high upfront costs, but they will pay for themselves sooner than you think! Shooting number will increase due to improved attendance of current members and the new members electronic targets will attract.

Comment from Australian Kongsberg Distributor Kim Potter:
Fellow shooters are always telling me "that moving to electronic targets is the best thing we have done". It has reversed the slow gradual decline in our sport.

Can we squad shoot (alternate shooter on same monitor)?

You can alternate shooters on the same monitor but the software won’t be able to make the difference so you will have to take pair or impair and calculate your score yourself. Kongsberg is working to make squadding possible in nearly future.

What is the cost?

Cost is very different from target model to another and if use with radio or wire…

I encourage you to go over the product section and after choosing adequate system ask for a quote. To give you an idea: a NSM monitor price is approximately 2250 CAD and the NMM2 is approximately 4500 CAD.