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Aiming Mark :

The shooter is aiming to a rubber surface who resist to degradation of bullet impact. This is useful for not having to reface target often like with paper target. A lot of target definitions is available. This aiming mark can go through hundreds if not thousands of impact.

Target construction:

Acoustic sensors and temperature sensor are fixed to the wood frame (material used for acoustic reason). Two style of target; U where 3 sensor are in the lower part of the frame, and H where each corner has it’s sensor (see product: target for more detail). The frame is covered by one rubber skin on the front and another on the back. This create a leak-proof acoustic chamber. When bullet go through the target, the combine sound of the vacuum whip of the bullet and the rubber tearing, is used to calculate (by triangulation) precisely where the bullet passed.

Signal transfer:

Data of timing and temperature are sent by wire or radio to the Signal Distribution Unit (SDU), where this last one is putting it on a main data line called CANBUS. Each Monitor on the firing line can retrieved the info from its attributed target, analyze it and show it to its screen. If a computer is connected to the data line, in case of competition by example, it is retrieving all needed info and will overdrive data if needed. In case of computer losing connection, monitor will act has back-up and will update computer.