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Army solution

Sniper training :

Metal target is useful to test our ability with the hit or miss function, but will never equal an electronic target to train and improve for accurate shot in windy condition.

A rugged monitor is plug to a peli-case who, by radio, is linked to another peli-case that is connected to a target. Just to choose target dimension and place it to an unknowned distance for an efficient training and get better. Radio can link the peli-case for over 1500M.

Recommandation (.pdf)

Mobile shooting range:

MELFIRE solution allow to transport, by container, and set a shooting range very fast. Another solution is to use container that have target inside with electric lifter. This last solution keep target out of the rain and bad weather.

Melfire (.pdf)

Conventional shooting range:

We have equipment available for air rifle, small caliber, pistol, full-bore and 50bmg and for every distance.

Références (.pdf)


You can download each target specification on PDF link on the right.